Neutering and Spaying

Neutering and Spaying. The average kittens in a litter is 4. A female cat can start reproducing at the age 4 months and male cats can pregnant a female at the age of 5 months, the average life span of the cat is 15 years. In one year a female cat can be pregnant 5 times in a year approximately. Leaving 20 kittens at year. So a single female cat without being spayed can leave 300 in a lifetime.

That female and her offspring can leave more than 420,000 kittens. In the case of dogs, the average litter is 6 puppies and be pregnant 3 times. Enough to create a problem of many cats and dogs being without home and putting their welfare in danger.

Here are some myths and truths behind neutering and Spaying.

There is not evidence that pets become less sweet and calm after being spayed.
While we are happy that kind and warm hearted people exist, working without stop in animal shelters (with no killing policy) or having place for giving them food. It will not help them with their good work if one doesn’t neuter or spay.

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